Nico and Christ

We would like to thank the Mary Ann crew for everything you all did for us on our wedding. We know it was a hard work. Truly was a day to remember, starting at the hotel captured everything from the start to finish. The photos are wonderful. All our family and friends love it too. You all are very professional and creative. All of our photographs turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. You all had great suggestions and worked with our schedule.

Cherie and Patrick

多謝MaryAnn為我們留下真實的Engagement 和Big Day 回憶! 遇上MaryAnn前經歷過坊間一式一樣的背景和禮服主題的婚照拍攝, 不仔細看會以為是同事朋友某某的照片那種, 感到很失望又浪費金錢! 我們覺

得婚照拍攝應該是更個人化的, 表達只屬於兩個人的甜蜜時刻! MaryAnn 在拍攝前會先細心了解我們的愛情故事, 協助構思獨特的拍攝主題, 拍出來的照片正正是我們相處的

真實模樣, 不是在扮明星CHOK 樣哦! 是經得起時間考驗, 八十歲時掘出來看也不覺得做作的照片. 多謝MaryAnn 令我們的結婚回憶更深刻!
Huge thanks for MaryAnn for perfectly capturing the purest and truest side in our Pre-wedding and Big Day shoots. Before we came across MaryAnn, like many others, we experienced the stereotypical, run of the mill Pre-wedding photo-shoots. Looking at those dire pictures, we could not help but think that we have wasted our money because anyone can be substituted in those photos and look the same! We believe wedding photos should be personalized and can reflect the couples’ sweet and unique moments. Maryann understands this concern and embraces the need for uniqueness in wedding photos.

Before our photo- shoot, they careful listened and learnt about our love story and helped us devise unique themes and concepts for the shoots. The final photos captured the essences of our daily lives and not over-the-top superstar wannabe poses! These photos can withstand the test of time. I believe when we dig it out many years later, these photos will reflect the truest side of us. We thank MaryAnn for making my wedding memories so memorable!


Doris and Max

“We knew Mary Ann through the internet. We initially planned to buy those services promoted by other companies in wedding exhibitions yet were perplexed by their complicated selling strategies and actually were a bit fed up for comparing the various packages. We preferred something simple yet of good quality. Throughout the whole process, the charging of Mary Ann was straightforward, which saved a lot of energy for all parties involved that we can devote all the energy into something that really matters- the photos! (Doris and Max, 2014)”

Sabrina and Patrick

憶起當天拍拍攝時攝影師非常專業,即使下著大雨都能拍攝出浪漫的效果,感謝MARYANN !

Bella and Cheong

Walking through Maryann experience is a process of excitement, exploration and discover. You never know what will be uncovered but Maryann mates can always give you faith and confidence!
Thanks Maryann for bringing us love, happiness and sunshine in our hearts!

Jacky and Dick

一直對拍攝婚照有點恐懼,怕只會得出倒模般欠缺真我的成品。MARYANN 卻為我們解決了這難題。
拍攝婚照原來也可以是簡單的做回最真實的自己,或和好友重回舊地玩樂一番,和日常的分別在於,MARYANN 會為我們以最美的角度把這些時光化為影像。感謝MARYANN 為我們的當下留影,同時也帶給我們新的友誼。

Renee and Henry

Mary Ann is more than an engagement photo shooting experience. To us, it’s more of a process to explore our relationship, to the level of details we’ve never reached in the six years being together. We came to the shooting on the first day feeling nervous as we both are not the camera-friendly type, but we came out to be extremely relaxed, natural and happy during the three-day shooting. Most importantly, we feel even closer to each other and to our parents after the shooting. Mary Ann’s crew are not like regular photographers. They try to be part of your story, get to know your dynamics, and become your friends along the way. So their output is not like products out of photoshop and copy machine. It’s you and you only, as your emotion is also captured in their pictures. I hope I can have Mary Ann to witness all my important moments in the future, pregnancy, having baby, my anniversaries, and kid’s graduation ceremony… I wish to look back at all the photos when I am old which will remind me of the exact moments which would be priceless and eternal.